Global Tour Fitting Experiences

Tour Fitting Studio
World-class fitting experience – tour fitting studios exclusively fit and sell SeeMore putters with expert analysis and instruction from SPi certified instructors. Features the use of revolutionary interchangeable fitting system as well as stroke analysis software to identify and recommend a SeeMore putter best suited for each individual.
Authorized Custom Fitting Center
First class fitting experience - fit and sells SeeMore putters with expert analysis and instruction from SPi certified instructors. Features the use of revolutionary interchangeable fitting system to perfectly fit each individual into a SeeMore putter based on his/her setup and stroke tendencies.
All Global Tour Fitting Experience locations will offer SeeMore's finest milled Nashville Studio Series models as well as occasional tour limited models allowing golfers to experience an unmatched level of customization and service.

All visits are by appointment only.


SeeMore Tour Fitting Studio - WORLD HEADQUARTERS (Franklin, TN)

Franklin, TN, USA     Tour Fitting Studio

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be fit like a Tour player? Now you can at SeeMore World Headquarters in Franklin, TN. The SeeMore Studio was originally created as a place where the best players in the world could come and learn to perfect their putting by utilizing the SeeMore Putting System. Our SeeMore Tour Fitting Experience is a one hour long session which features world class fitting from a member of the SeeMore Putting Institute (SPi) staff instructors… Read more »


Pat O'Brien Golf - SeeMore/SPi Global Ambassador

Dallas, TX, USA     Tour Fitting Studio

My motto since I started teaching has been that “Putting is a very simple motion made complicated by an incorrect setup”.  Anyone can stand relaxed, put their hands together without a putter, and move their hands, arms and chest.  When the putter goes in the hands, then things change.  The posture might become slumped or the head may get cocked, therefore distorting the eye-line, etc. For far too long, in my opinion, fundamentals in putting have received a free pass. … Read more »


Christensen Golf Academy

Quincy, IL, USA     Tour Fitting Studio

The Christensen Golf Academy provides golf instruction in every phase of the game in all weather conditions. Putting instructions takes place in two places. A 1200 square foot Southwest Putting Green under the big tent in the winter, where Mark has lead the way in off season golf training. Every year dozens of students practice their craft under his watchful eye. His indoor studio is 500 square feet of Putters Edge Putting Turf, (The same turf used at SeeMore’s home… Read more »


ConnorGolf at Farmington Woods

Avon, CT , USA     Tour Fitting Studio

ConnorGolf at Farmington Woods Golf Club is a gated community that features a Desmond Muirhead designed golf course. While the golf club is a private facility, the public is welcome to visit George Connor, Director of Instruction at ConnorGolf. The outdoor putting green is a 13,000 square foot surface while the indoor facility has a 200 square feet of surface. Use Golf as a Tool to Further Your Business Relationships Golf Is Fun When You Hit Great Shots George Connor,… Read more »


Paul Kaster Golf Coaching

Little Silver, NJ, USA     Tour Fitting Studio

Paul was recognized by Golf Digest as one of The Best Teachers in New Jersey for 2017-2018, and he was selected by U.S. Kids Golf as one of 2017’s Top 50 Kids Teachers.  The U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 recipients represent 26 states, as well as five countries internationally. Paul creates coaching programs for adult and junior students to help them improve as quickly as possible.  He uses the latest technology to coach a number junior golfers, several of whom… Read more »


P Fit Golf Studio

Irvine, CA, USA     Tour Fitting Studio

Our SeeMore Tour Fitting Experience features world class fitting from a member of the SeeMore Putting Institute (SPi) staff instructors and an introduction on how you can use your putter to become more solid with your fundamentals and make more repeatable, consistent strokes. Indoor golf teaching facility using Flight Scope and V1 software for swings. Has 3 hitting bays and sand-filled putting green. During this process, we will explore different head designs and how this can influence stroke mechanics.  This will… Read more »


Precision Centro Tecnologico Putting Academy (Perugia, Italy)

PERUGIA, Italy     Tour Fitting Studio

Indoor area specialized for putting training.  SPi Instructor available for individual lesson on every level. Use of SOLID PUTT Precision technology for analysis and perfect putters fitting.  Large number of SeeMore putters available. Our based studio is located in an indoor facility at the Perugia Golf Club. The Putting Studio System combines the SeeMore Putter, and an engineer sensor technology to offer a personalised fitting to helping player maximize both results and performance of Putt. To schedule your lesson/fitting and/or… Read more »


SeeMore Tour Fitting Studio (Bangkok)

Bangkok, Thailand     Tour Fitting Studio

43% of the average golfer’s shots are struck with the putter. Get fitted today by a touring professional who has played and taught all around the world. Chan S. Wongluekiet Pro Chan is knowledgeable in all of SeeMore product line and is ready to get you fitted today. Based next to the pro shop and one of only 5 in the world. The Bangkok SeeMore Tour Fitting Studio is the perfect place to learn everything there is to know about… Read more »


SeeMore Tour Fitting Studio (Tokyo)

Tokyo, Japan     Tour Fitting Studio

Our SeeMore Tour Fitting Experience features world class fitting from a member of the SeeMore Putting Institute (SPi) staff instructors and an introduction on how you can use your putter to become more solid with your fundamentals and make more repeatable, consistent strokes. The facility is located in the heart of Tokyo Nishiazabu. The showroom is on the first floor where pedestrians can see inside the studio and get an first hand look of a tour putter fitting. During this process,… Read more »


The Bridges Golf Club

San Ramon, CA, USA     Tour Fitting Studio

Steve Watanabe Jr is a PGA Class “A” Teaching Professional. He has been teaching professionally since 2007 and was introduced to SeeMore Putter Company by Pat O’Brien in 2010.  As an SPi National Staff Certified Instructor & Fitter; V1 Pro HD video software is used for all putting lessons & fittings. The Bridges Golf Club has two large practice greens for putting only, one which can be used at night. As the PGA Head instructor, Steve works with golfers of… Read more »


Golf in Motion

Chicago, IL, USA     Tour Fitting Studio

We specialize in indoor golf lessons. Whether you’re new to the game or trying to make a breakthrough and lower your scores, We will thoroughly analyze your current game and create a unique plan to help you reach your goals. With years of experience, the industry’s most advanced technology, and a wonderful Tour putting studio, Golf in Motion coaches will address all aspects of your game so you can improve quickly and gain more enjoyment from the game. Tim Overman… Read more »


Andy Gorman Putting Academy

Sutton, Coldfield, United Kingdom     Authorized Custom Fitting Center

Facilities at our fully air-conditioned 700sqft indoor ‘Putting Studio’ incorporate; three specific putting greens, a level 20x16ft, a 33x6ft 2% sloping, and a 16x6ft fully adjustable, multi-sloping green. This unique state-of-the-art facility can accommodate, individual and group coaching up to six students, offering hourly, quarter, half and full-day coaching programmes, developing stroke fundamentals, putter-fitting and green-reading skills etc. Two outdoor USGA spec surfaces also available. To schedule your lesson/fitting and/or inquire about rates, please contact us below. Contact – Director… Read more »


Lesson From Hesson Golf Academy

Medford Lakes, NJ, USA     Authorized Custom Fitting Center

Frank Hesson is a PGA professional and currently working as the assistant golf professional at Medford Lakes Country Club in Medford Lakes, New Jersey. Hesson, age 43, was elected into the PGA of America in 2004 and has been a golf teaching professional for over 22 years. Hesson began his golfing career at the prestigious TPC Scottsdale, While there, Hesson experienced the highest level of golf instruction that fueled his passions for the game and inspired his teaching career. Subsequently,… Read more »


Custom Clubs of Frederick (Ijamsville, MD)

Ijamsville, MD, USA     Authorized Custom Fitting Center

Our putting instruction blends well with the SeeMore philosophy and brand of putters. We prescribe to the “hide the red dot” method of alignment and stroke and along with our teaching the 4 fundamentals of putting – setup, path, impact and speed – we feel we equip our clients with the necessary tools and fundamentals to become a more consistent and effective putter. We also utilize the effect of counter weighting. During our putting sessions, we look at the effect… Read more »


Golf Club Specialists

Basingstoke, Hants , UK     Authorized Custom Fitting Center

We have 20+ years experience in Custom Fitting Golf Clubs, we understand the physics behind the game, we understand that all players physique, strength and technique are  different making your golf swing is as unique as your signature. We are certain that standard ‘off the shelf’ Golf Clubs will not allow you to play your best possible golf. We watch, we listen, we measure, we test, we trial, we advise, we define and then we test and trial some more,… Read more »


Ross Jackson Golf @ The Golf Performance Institute

Stockton on Tees, UK     Authorized Custom Fitting Center

I am recognised as one of the most accomplished young emerging golf coaches UK, due to my expertise, work ethic and enthusiasm, with the ultimate ambition of becoming the very best. After a period of playing on various professional mini tours, I established myself as a first class golf coach whilst part of the professional staff at Stressholme and Blackwell Grange Golf Club. During this time I was continually looking to broaden my skill set and learn from the leading… Read more »