The GIANT is coming - available March 1st

The GIANT is coming soon! Are you ready!! Increased stability and forgiveness. Higher MOI. Larger RST and top sight line for more accurate alignment. Longer blade length=easier to square the putter to the intended target line. Enhanced the feel of keeping the putter on the correct path, "Face Balance at Impact". Larger sweet spot for mis-hits. Great feel with precise manufacturing of 100% Milled Aluminum and 2 milled stainless steel sole weights. Retains all the game improvement benefits of RST. Better feedback for setup and stroke. Visit

SeeMore has certified teaching professionals in the area of putting. They are certified to teach the SeeMore system and teachings of Pat O’Brien – instructor to Zach Johnson, Vaughn Taylor and other PGA Tour players. Being SPi Certified is designed to let SeeMore instructors be the best in golf.

Few golfers have been exposed to a long term putting instruction program, yet roughly 40% of all strokes are taken on the green. Golfers need a system for improvement: SeeMore has that system. Without great putting, there will never be true greatness in golf.