SeeMore Putter Company invites qualified teaching professionals to join its team of Certified Instructors. There will be several levels of certification, and each level will involve an education program designed to make SeeMore Instructors the best in golf.

Few golfers have been exposed to a long term putting instruction program, yet roughly 40% of all strokes are taken on the green. Golfers need a system for improvement: SeeMore has that system. Without great putting, there will never be true greatness in golf.

Please see requirements below.

Become the Putting Expert in your Region

Thank you for your interest in the SeeMore Putter Institute and our new teacher certification program. We are delighted that you are interested in learning more about joining our team. As a SeeMore certified instructor, our goal is that over time we will be able to share many insights about the SeeMore putter, SeeMore putting system, and rich SeeMore history, that will provide you the knowledge and confidence to become the best putting instructor you can be.

Where do we start this process? Here is how it will work.

1. In the top left hand corner click the button that says "Become A SeeMore Certified Instructor". Complete this short 3-page application. This will provide us basic information about you.

2. Once payment is made you will receive:

  • Custom Fit Click Putters (different models and lengths)
  • 3 Triangulators
  • 1 Pat O'Brien on Putting DVD*
  • 1 SPi Orange Posture Ball
  • PDF of Teacher and Fitting Manual

*Pat O'Brien on Putting DVD, which clearly outlines the fundamentals of the SeeMore putting system that helped Pat's friends and students Payne Stewart and Zach Johnson win putting titles and Major Championships on tour.

Once you have become a SPi Certified Instructor you will receive at no charge:

  • SPi Certificate and Welcome Letter
  • Customized 6' SPi vertical banner
  • Contact Information on SPi Locator
  • Top of Stack Ordering (when placing a custom order for a student - it is placed on top of the stack)
  • Use of SPi logo in Email Signatures, Websites and Newsletters
  • Personal Press Release will be sent on accomplishment, if desired
  • PUD Pricing Available
  • Custom Tour SeeMore Staff Bag at PUD cost of $75 (retail price - $250)

3. There is really no extra charge for becoming SeeMore certified instructor, other than a small fee starting at $225 for a deeply discounted set of demo and fitting putters and support materials, which will be important to teaching the system and getting to the right stroke for your students. Of course the fee is completely refundable at any time should you decide this certification is not right for you. If for any reason this fee becomes an obstacle to the initial certification process, please drop us a note and we will find a way through it.

4. Process after completion of application and payment:

  • Welcome Email will be sent outlining process (including video links and articles)
  • Informative Tips will be sent regarding different topics throughout your certification process
  • Within 30 days of starting the process, there will be a short written exam, to be taken online (depending on knowledge of the SeeMore system some instructors take less time - proceed at your own pace)
  • After passing exam - Congratulations will be sent along with Certificate.
  • Head Shot and contact information will be sent for SPi locator page -
  • Putting Lesson Personal Goals Sheet will be submitted to SPi staff

5. SeeMore Putter Institute Certified Instructor - As an SPid certified instructor, you will already have some nice benefits. First you will be part of team SeeMore, and will be armed with a strong basic understanding of how to start incorporating the SeeMore putter and putting system into a new world of organized, systematic putting lessons, and be able to fit your students for the perfect putter when appropriate. We will supply you with all types of materials and logos to be adble to use this certification to expand the scope of your own teaching business, and we will begin to drive interested students to your teaching business.

6. Over time, there will of course be new levels of certification to achieve. At advanced levels there will be opportunities to attend SeeMore clinics at the SeeMore headquarters in Franklin, TN, at remote PGA section teaching events, and even at the home teaching center of SeeMore Master Platinum teaching professional Pat O'Brien, the Director of Instruction at Lakewood CC in Dallas, Texas.

My partner Jason Pouliot and I, and our entire team here at SeeMore, look forward to getting to know you. We are delighted to have an association with Pat O'Brien, our Global SeeMore Teaching and Tour Ambassador, who has spent the last 10 years clarifying and systematizing the teaching benefits of SeeMore putters and the SeeMore putting system. And we are so proud of our own Platinum level Director of Instruction here at SeeMore, Ted Gallina (PGA Director of Instruction), who has successfully taught the SeeMore system for the past 5 years here in our own putting studio and around the world to high school and junior players, college players and tour players.

Ted's students have won tournaments at every level, as have Pat's. Their students believe that they have their best chance of winning because of what they have learned. Ted is the architect of this new program. He and his team here can't wait to get started in sharing this opportunity with you!

This partnership with SeeMore in becoming certified will make you the putter expert in your region. We will arm you with information that will make you an extremely valuable putting instructor. You will discover new revenue opportunities and develop your students into great putters.

Jim Grundberg, Co-Owner, Managing Partner

Why Play SeeMore: Pat O'Brien Teaching Philosophy

I always recommend the golfer use a SeeMore putter. It is the only putter that has a reference point for set up, called RifleScope Technology (RST). This reference point helps me teach the golfer to build the perfect stance, posture, alignment, and grip, around the perfect ball position, leading to a perfect and repeatable stroke.

RST squares the putter and the golfer to the intended target line. When the red dot is covered, and the 2 white lines visible, the putter, as well as the golfer’s eyes, shoulders, chest, and hips will be square, the same every time. Every SeeMore putter has this benefit.

Of course I teach players who use many different types of putters, and my teaching philosophy is first and foremost about bringing solid fundamentals to a golfer’s set up and putting stroke. These fundamentals are why my most famous students, such as Zach Johnson, have won putting titles and Major Championships on tour.

The SeeMore putter is simply the best way to engage my students long term in the process of continual improvement by focusing on and highlighting these fundamentals. The SeeMore putter becomes the putting coach when I am not there. It is as simple as that.

Pat O’Brien – SeeMore Global Putting Ambassador
Director of Teaching, Lakewood CC, Dallas, TX

The SeeMore Putting System Overview – Hide the Red Dot

SeeMore’s goal is for every golfer to possess a repeatable putting stroke that consistently performs at an elite level. We believe it is crucial to establish a solid foundation with natural, neutral angles that allow the golfer to make a tension-free putting stroke, with sound fundamentals, on each and every putt.

SeeMore's RifleScope Technology (RST) trains the golfer to have a consistently square set up and the same posture for every single putt. In basketball, an elite player will always shoot their free throws the same way every time: same routine, same stance. Great putting is no different.

With the right grip, posture, stance (ball position), and alignment, the putting stroke becomes fluid, natural, and accurate, without thought. The golfer can focus on external factors such as speed control and the mental game necessary to make more putts. This is the SeeMore system.

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