Certified Instructors

SPi is a learning system based on the simple fundamentals of finding the proper grip, alignment, stance, and posture. This allows for a natural, free, and simple putting stroke on each and every putt. It is based on the technology built into the SeeMore? putter itself, and on the refined teachings of SeeMore? Global Ambassador Pat O’Brien – putting instructor to Zach Johnson, and many other top PGA Tour and developing players. O’Brien has been teaching the SeeMore? System around the world for more than 13 years, ever since he watched his good friend, the late Payne Stewart benefit from the SeeMore? putting system to win 1999 US Open and lead the tour in putting statistics that year.

SPi Certified Instructors have a complete teaching plan to help their existing students and recruit new students to become great putters using the SeeMore? system that has won 2 Major Championships and set numerous putting records on the PGA Tour. It is a complete game plan, which gives any golf instructor a new level of confidence in the proper teaching and fitting involved in putting instruction.

To find your nearest SPi Certified Instructor see the information below and their different offerings at their facility. For more information contact SeeMore at info@seemore.com or call 615-435-8015.