My M3 has made a big difference in my game. I do not see a change in putters for a long time to come. THANK YOU.

-- Al F.

Not cheap, but great putter.

-- Alfredo M.

P.S. by the way smooooooooth putter and great feel. I traded a brand new Scotty Cameron in for the M3. Way better feel!

-- Another Satisfied Customer

I love my m1. I have a visibly better putting game and have learned to not "see red" when I putt anymore. Thanks again for helping me become a better golfer. I am a proud member of the SeeMore family and I am sure to tell anyone out there how happy I am with your products and technology.

-- Brandon S.

I had a lot of trouble lining up putts with my old putters, so I would move on to the next one. Well, I think I have found my best friend. I purchased the Seemore because it is the only putter that is suppose to help this problem. And help it does. I found myself sinking a lot more 10 footers and even 20 footers. The last few times I have played, I averaged 25-28 putts per round. Before the Seemore it was easily 30-35.

-- C. S.

I wanted to take some time to thank you for immediately taking strokes off of my game. The SeeMore alignment makes it all too easy to line up a putt. The last round that I played before the SeeMore arrived, I had 32 putts and shot 75. I played with the SeeMore putter the following day and shot a 68 with 28 putts. I again want to thank you for making putting a lot easier for me

-- Casey W.

I want to start by thanking you for introducing to me one of the best and most consistant perfoming putters I have ever used. I purchased the mFGP blade about a year and half ago through your site, ever since then I have watched incredible amounts of putts find the bottom of the cup.

-- Chad

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I cannot tell you how much we appreciate SeeMore!!!! Your customer service is wonderful!!! I cannot say enough nice things about it! SeeMore really is the best. Again...THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!

-- Elaine A. (mother of US junior putting champion w/ an FGP blade putter)

I have had more putters than any other piece of equipment. But this SeeMore putter has given me confidence more than any other. There is no putt that I don't think I can't sink. When I miss its not through a bad stroke its because I’ve picked the wrong line. The putter goes where you aim it. No better compliment could be given.

-- Frank H.

I purchased two putters from you this year (a belly and regular version) and believe you have a great product.

-- Frank L.

Over the last year I have toyed with getting a new putter and have messed about with plenty in the pro-shop before rounds. Every time I swung a few different ones the one that felt best was this ugly looking thing that was there for a year and no one bought it, the FGP bronze. I took pity on it the other day and bought it myself. It is a really great putter, its balance, weight and visual alignment system really force straight putting and it has definitely knocked stokes off my game. It works much better for me than the two ball Odyssey or any of the belly putters that I have tried

-- Gile S.

This putter is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've used it for 4 months, and have not missed but 2 putts under 5 feet (misread) you need to buy this.

-- Jim F.

I started using one of your SeeMore putters about 3 weeks ago and it has helped me greatly, finishing 7th twice and shot 65 in the first round in this week event. So to say the least I have falling in love with the putter.

-- Jordan D. (Hooters PGA Tour Professional)

I love this SeeMore putter. I have had it 5 years. It is the only thing in my bag I have never replaced! It has really helped my pitiful game a lot.

-- Linn M.

My putter is getting admiring glances from other golfers at my club and one lady member tried it out and told me she just has to have one of those putters with the 'rifle scope technology'. My wife who uses the m1w won a board competition at our club on Sunday and absolutely loves it, I bought it for myself but after I foolishly let her try it she wrestled it off me - I won't let her try the SB1!!!

-- Martin

My FGP Bronze putter is great, you will sink everything from nine feet on in. You will sink twice as many puts! If you have ever missed a three foot put this putter is worth trying, I took my scotty cameron out for this putter, so in my mind it has to be somewhat decent for me to do that.

-- Mike H.

I just qualified for the 2008 Public Links and had 27 and 25 putts with the new mSeries SeeMore putter.

-- Nick N.

First of all I am a big fanatic for Scotty Cameron putters, but I have been struggling with my putting for a long time. Don't get me wrong; the equipment was not the problem. I believe it was my alignment. So a friend of mine loaned me his SeeMore putter and I took it on Sunday to play a Skins game [$$$$]. I was shocked. I was making a lot of one putts and don't forget about the skins. It is going to be difficult for me to go back to the Scotty.

-- Olin L.

All the reviews focus on the alignment aid advantages or problems. I do not pay any attention to the alignment aid, but this is by far the best putter I’ve tried. No surprise why, players like Zack Johnson, with big contracts with other brands uses these putters. Great feel, very reliable under pressure.

-- Ryan P.

We met at the Barclays and had a discussion about your putters at the practice range. About a week later, I went to Golf Galaxy and tried it. Needless to say, I loved it and bought it. The other day ,one of golfing buddies commented, "Wow! That putter has really improved your putting". Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, and for making a great product.

-- Sam D.
Apr. 19, 2010

Took the new putter out Saturday – had my best day putting in YEARS. Three putted once (coming down a steep hill and missed a straight forward one coming back uphill). Hit a few 12-15 footers, and never had a second putt of more than 2 feet. I am a convert and will tell everyone I know they should change to a SeeMore

-- Scott

I have been having a hard time putting over the last year. I tried Scotty Cameron, TaylorMade, White Hot Two Ball, and Callaway Blue Tour. So I decided to try out the SeeMore putter. The first time out I went out and played 9 holes and shot a 37. I sunk putts like I knew what I was doing I didn’t miss not one short putt like I normally do. Cannot say enough but I cannot wait till my next round. If this keeps up I can honestly say it is the best club.

-- Scott D.

I used a high price scotty cameron before I switched to this putter. I can honestly say that I doubt I will ever switch back to my old putter. I practiced with this putter for a week and then won my next junior golf tournament with a score of 66.

-- Steve J.

Thanks to everyone at SeeMore. Last year I made the switch to the M1 and have not been able to find anything that performs nearly as well. Normally I would switch putters at least 3 or 4 times per year, but since putting the M1 in my bag have found no reason to switch. The alignment aid and RST system gives me complete confidence when putting. It will be in the bag for a long time. I can’t wait to see what SeeMore will offer next.

-- Steve S.

I am very happy with my SeeMore putter and I like how square the face sets up and the feel of the ball coming off the putter face. My brother, Trent, is actually using the putter that you gave me at the Open. He switched from his Scotty Cameron and loves the SeeMore. He said he is making a lot more putts especially inside of 6 feet. All in all we are both happy with the putters and are both putting better with the SeeMore putters. Thanks for everything and I am looking forward to seeing ya'll and making more putts in the future!

-- Taylor L. (tour player)

Aside from the fact that this club helped to win the 2007 Masters, and aside from the benefits of SeeMore's Riflescope Technology, this putter oozes confidence! I picked it up at a local Golf Mart after trying about 8 - 10 other name brand putters. What a difference! In my opinion based on the number of puts I've made from various distances, this is the best putter I've tried. I even went back and compared it to more other brands of all price ranges. And it started by simply feeling right in my hands. Bravo SeeMore!

-- Vladimir G.

I bought your mFGP mSeries Putter and it has cut 7 strokes a round off of my score. I have had 3 or 4 putters in the last two years but by far Seemore is the best. A friend of my told me about your putter and I finally went and bought one and it has been well worth the cost. Just wanted to thank you...

-- Wes P.