Counter-Balanced Putters

<p>SeeMore Counter Balanced Putters are the next evolution in longer than standard length putters, offering the golfer the game improvement benefits of a belly putter in a non-anchored design. The counter balanced feature actually allows the golfer to realize the advanced stabilization benefits of a longer and heavier putter without feeling like the putter is too long or too heavy. This is achieved when the golfer, by design, chokes down on the longer and heavier grip, effectively using the added weights at both ends of the putter for added balance to ensure a smooth, repeatable, effective stroke.</p> SeeMore's Counter Balanced putters are designed to be optimal at around 38 inches for most golfers, typically 3-4 inches longer than a standard length putter would be. Counter balanced putters are custom built at SeeMore's Tennessee factory with a minimum of 25 grams of extra weight added to the putter head, in the form of a pure milled internal hosel. This also allows for any time customization of lie or loft as needed. The extra head weight and the extra weight of the longer and heavier shaft is all balanced out by the fact that the special 15 inch grip (112g) or 18 inch grip (133g). SeeMore Counter Balanced putters can be customized as desired to whatever length the golfer wishes.

Long / Broomstick Putters

Large mallet, tremendous game improvement option for any player looking at oversize mallets. While still offering the same alignment benefits of traditional RifleScope? Technology (RST) by framing the putter shaft between two white lines, SeeMore? Broomstick models do not come equipped with a red dot due the extreme upright lie angle of 79 degrees that a long/broomstick design requires.