Alex H. (x2 and Studio Fitting)



I just wanted to thank you for the fitting last year, after playing with it all last year and starting this year, it has been the best putter I have ever had. I have so much more confidence over my putts then I ever have. My vast improvement in putter, people have taken notice and people are asking where I got my putter and what I did.

I have started to point them to SeeMore. 

I hope the company is doing well, and you are as well, I can safely say that my hour at SeeMore studios has changed my golf game forever! 

If you are ever up in the Baltimore/Washington  area I would love to meet up with you to take another look at the stroke and putter. If you are in the area with Zach I would love to meet him to haha! 

Thanks again 

Alex H.

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