Ben C. (SeeMore FGP blade)


I just wanted to reach out to the SeeMore company and say that I’ve been using a scotty cameron for 6 years (im 18) and it has always been the club in my bag i can rely on. This past summer I was lucky enough to get a SeeMore FGP for free because of a donation. I played around with it for a few months and just recently I started using it full time. Now I’m very picky about my equipment so it took some guts for me to just switch like that. I never thought I’d switch to a SeeMore or any other putter out there. I’ve played 36 holes with it and have had extreme success with it. I want to go get fit for a SeeMore so i know im usuing the right putter for me. So anyway I just wanted to say I’m thoroughly impressed by the SeeMore Company and as I make my way down to Georgia to play college golf, I can’t wait to continue to use my SeeMore!

Thanks again, Ben C.

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