Media Reviews

PUTTER REVIEW – SeeMore Private Reserve Smoke Diamond m2c (Written by Golfspy Dave) That’s definitely one of those lingering lines of rom-com dialog. It’s right up there with “You had me at hello.” While both films are not necessarily cinematic gems, there are certain aspects that stick with you well after you are finished watching… Read more »

Sky Radio

Jim Grundberg’s Interview on SKY Radio Network Recently Jim was interview on the SKY Radio Network talking about SeeMore and its great story.  When you get a chance click on the link below to hear the 3:00 minute interview.  Very informative. — read the full article

The Sand Trap

SeeMore Putters Expands Lineup for 2009 SeeMore Putters has had an interesting history. Payne Stewart used a SeeMore putter to win the 1999 U.S. Open. The company went quiet for some time until their re-launch in 2007 after being purchased by Jim Grundberg and Jason Pouliot in the fall of 2006. — read the full article… Read more »

London Ontario Golf

Putter Review: SeeMore Golf Big FGP Nickel Mallet Putter Regular visitors to know what big fans we are of the SeeMore Putter Company’s outstanding line of flat sticks. Think of SeeMore, and you think of Zach Johnson putting for dough on the PGA Tour. The Franklin, Tennessee-based company makes putters so sweet, even Vince… Read more »

Ottawa Citizen

One man’s quest for the perfect putter The last time I bought a new putter, Jack Nicklaus had just won the U.S. Open. In 1980. I’ve puttered along since then with an old Ray Cook Golf Inc. model with a brass clubhead and aluminum shaft, believing the puttee bears more responsibility than the putter for… Read more »

Sandbox 8

SB1 Putter Review “The four keys to great putting are 1) Setup/alignment, 2) consistent stroke, 3) good aim, and 4) being able to read the green. The latest SeeMore SB1 putter can help you with the first three points, good setup/alignment, consistent stroke, and aim. For the past month, I’ve been testing the SeeMore SB1… Read more »

Oob Golf

SeeMore FGP Putter I was very excited to review the SeeMore FGP Putter this week because of its history at the Masters. The SeeMore FGP Putter that I tested is built to the exact specs of the putter Zach Johnson used to win last year’s Masters. It was also used by the late Payne Stewart… Read more »

The Deep Rough

Review: Seemore m3 Putter For the last week, I’ve been playing with a 33″ SeeMore m3 milled putter. I have been struggling with alignment, and these putters have an alignment system called “RifleScope” that helps make sure your blade is square to where you are aiming (more on this later, it’s an awesome system!) — read… Read more »

Gear Patrol

Private Reserve: Shooting Down Putts with RifleScope Technology Before we get started, know this: SeeMore putters are best known for their patented Riflescope Technology (RST) alignment system. It’s best described as a having a gun sight on the top line of your putter. The system is easy to use and gets you lined up on your target… Read more »

Golf Chicago

SeeMore m8 Putter Review The new mSeries putters from the SeeMore Putter Company feature their alignment innovation that helped Payne Stewart and Zach Johnson conquer two of the slickest putting surfaces in professional golf en route to major championships…. — read the full article