Great Improvement (FGP Mallet)

I bought your Original FGP Mallet putter on Saturday after a terrible putting day. Today I made putt after putt! My friends said they have never see me putt like this before. One guy said I was ON FIRE! Thanks for all of your technology. This could easily be the best putter I have ever… Read more »

Love SeeMore (Platinum m5 HT RST Hosel)

During the recent pandemic everything was shut down, but no SeeMore. They were still working behind the scenes. I was in contact with them a few times by phone and, with the help of my previous SAMS Putt Lab results, they put together a great Platinum H5 MT Mallet with true RST! It was/is a… Read more »

My Gamer NOW (Platinum m5 HT RST Hosel)

I have always been intrigued by Seemore and RST. Having used a Seemore sporadically, I seem to always circle back. Now I have found the “Gamer” I’ve been looking for in the Platinum M5 HT Mallet. Made to order through my SAMS Putter Lab results, the results on the greens are improving daily. I love… Read more »

Off season training turned to gamer – FGP mallet

I bought a used FGP mallet during the off season to work on posture and consistent set up to the ball. I was got a counter balanced version because I was interested and thought it was worth a try. This putter #1 feels great, the RST is hands down why I initially looked at Seemore… Read more »

Excellent Product (mini Giant DF)

This is a very high quality product. The putter sits beautifully on the ground. The size and proportions are very pleasing to the eye. The milling and finish are both excellent. The aluminum and copper weighting gives the club great feel at impact with a firmer, muted sound. Great customer service as well. Keep it… Read more »

I received the putter today.

Jim, hope all is well.  I received the putter today.  Thank you for processing and shipping so quickly!  It is beautiful.  Looking forward to practicing and playing with it soon – hopefully this weekend!  Take care and I’m looking forward to coming by to see you guys next time I am in Franklin.  We have… Read more »

Stunning and accurate putter! (Platinum mFGP20)

I’ve owned SeeMore putter for years and my New Platinum MFGP is the best one ever.Won three skins and $300.+ after first outing with my new Seemore. I ordered through a retailer and it arrived less than a week later….fantastic fitting and buying experience. (Robert)

Fantastic Service! Wonderful putter!

Hi Jim,I’m not sure if you remember me, but back in 2017 you helped me purchase my first and only SeeMore putter. You were so extremely helpful. I had called and asked about a LH round milling pattern which isn’t stock. You went out of your way and found a LH Nashville proto head in… Read more »