SKraly (GolfWRX Forum MBR)

Just bought a SeeMore Giant FGP for fun.  Once you get used to the large size it is quite an excellent putter.  Very stable of course.  But the feel is my favorite thing about it.  I do not usually like the feel of aluminum putters but this one is great.  Soft but with just enough click to make you know… Read more »

Mysticfalcon (THP Forum Mbr)

I got a Giant FGP from the marketplace and I absolutely love it. My first couple days with it were a mess as I figured out the RST but now that I have things worked out it is a monster. I destroyed the other team at this week’s league entirely because of my putting. The… Read more »

Ben C. (SeeMore FGP blade)

I just wanted to reach out to the SeeMore company and say that I’ve been using a scotty cameron for 6 years (im 18) and it has always been the club in my bag i can rely on. This past summer I was lucky enough to get a SeeMore FGP for free because of a… Read more »

Steven H. (CDM x2)

Gentlemen.. I just wanted to reach out and thank all of you at SeeMore Putter Co. for the exceptional customer service and customer satisfaction your company has provided me.   I cannot thank you all enough for the stand-up service and attention you provided me.  Further, the product you sent me was welcomed and with rave reviews. Performs beautifully….!!!!… Read more »

Dr. Peter (SPi-Europe)

Hi Jim, Just wanted to tell you Melvin did a great job and answered my questions within minutes even after shop hours in the UK. Thought I was still talking to the US. Felt like talking directly. Awesome customer service! Now if your putter really squares up naturally to impact I will just hole everything…. Read more »

Funyuns – GolfWRX Mbr

Another firm supporter of SeeMore. Grabbed one off eBay for a steal and nothing can keep it out of the bag for long even though its a blade and I’ve always gravitated towards mallets. Been wanting to get into the studio for a fitting for a while, hopefully soon. Covering the red dot just gives… Read more »

BeCu_Ping – GolfWRX Mbr

I recently switched (note I change putters a lot or hopefully use to to a SeeMoore Corona Del Mar after a SAM putter fitting and demo. Just something about that red dot and setting/hiding it and forgetting about alignment. Just reduces my tension for whatever reason. There are numerous custom offerings for each putter model… Read more »

Turfskidder – GolfWRX Mbr

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forum, and to my amazing wonderment, a post on SeeMore Putters!!! DISCLAIMER!!! I don’t work or get paid to promote SeeMore Putters. I simply BELIEVE in this product and love the technology and craftsmanship in the product line. I honestly don’t know why EVERYONE isn’t playing… Read more »

Alex H. (x2 and Studio Fitting)

Cody, I just wanted to thank you for the fitting last year, after playing with it all last year and starting this year, it has been the best putter I have ever had. I have so much more confidence over my putts then I ever have. My vast improvement in putter, people have taken notice… Read more »