SeeMore Makes Me Play Better

SeeMore putters and its RifleScope Technology help me play better golf.  It can be so easy over time to get into poor habits of miss alignment. Hiding the red dot is a simple yet extremely effective way to keep myself set up and aligned correctly.  Seemore Putters give me my best chance to putt my… Read more »

AWESOME!! mFGP2 Platinum (SeeMore Fan)

I recently purchased the SeeMore MFGP2W Offset Mallet-Platinum. I have always considered myself to be a decent putter, but I was struggling with alignment on those 6-10 footers. The MFGP Offset Mallet corrected that immediately! Additionally, the great feel and instant feedback make this putter a winner for sure…Very easy to line up and stroke…. Read more »

The Best – Platinum m5x (by ramj)

High quality and craftsmanship when you set this putter down behind the ball it almost lines itself. When you stroke the ball the sound the feel feed back and that pure roll I can not say enough about this putter, but yet I can, I have owned and played way to many putters, I was… Read more »

DucatiGirl (THP Forum MBR)

Sorry, it’s a bit long (my mother was a lit teacher): Had the brilliant opportunity to visit the SeeMore world HQ in Franklin, as it’s only a little over 2 hours from home. A little background: I played a bit 15 years ago, but was never anything spectacular. I’m returning to the game, and just… Read more »

SKraly (GolfWRX Forum MBR)

Just bought a SeeMore Giant FGP for fun.  Once you get used to the large size it is quite an excellent putter.  Very stable of course.  But the feel is my favorite thing about it.  I do not usually like the feel of aluminum putters but this one is great.  Soft but with just enough click to make you know… Read more »

Mysticfalcon (THP Forum Mbr)

I got a Giant FGP from the marketplace and I absolutely love it. My first couple days with it were a mess as I figured out the RST but now that I have things worked out it is a monster. I destroyed the other team at this week’s league entirely because of my putting. The… Read more »