WillyE – (GolfWRX MBR)

I use an FGP and have for about 3 years.  It’s gettin pretty beat up and I’m probably going to upgrade to a more expensive model seemore soon. It’s a great putter.  Even if you grow weary of it, you can use it for practicing.  I practiced with it so much in the beginning that I finally decided… Read more »

Ak4seven – (GolfWRX Mbr)

I was looking for a new cart bag. I was pretty set on picking one up at my local golf shop, roger dunn. Ogio silencer cart bag. Get into the shop and see some new Seemore’s on display. Grabbed the new “PCB Black” model and rolled a few out. Had to put it down cause… Read more »

Kevin M.

Thanks Jim – That’s why I’ll be a customer for Life, and every time someone ask I let them know that a Scotty can’t hold a candle to a SeeMore, I already let two guys try my Putter and they’re going to order. I told them all about the fitting system online, thanks again. Kevin

rbarthle17 (THP Forum mbr)

Not the first time I have said this, probably won’t be the last either. It is simply incredible the difference my mFGP2 has made in my putting. I am making, or coming real close to making, putts I would never have dreamed of making before. Even when I miss badly (which is rare now!), it’s… Read more »

Kyle H.

It is so easy to put this “BIG” blade behind the ball, line it up and rock the shoulders and let the ball drop. So stable during the entire stroke, great feel/sound and the results speak for themselves, I learned a long time ago that confidence in putting is paramount and only after a few… Read more »

Pkielwa (THP Forum mbr)

It arrived today! I took it to the range/putting green, then played 6 holes… Deadly!!! It’s amazing how much better I putt with this thing! A guy on the practice green said, “That’s one heck of a putter you have there.” I agreed! “Yes it is one heck of a putter!”

Sanzabar (THP Forum mbr)

This X3 is just silly!!!!!!! 6 foot putts have never been so easy and my confidence on ALL putts have never been this high. I do not think I have ever loved a piece of golf equipment as much as this thing!

Grins (THP Forum mbr)

15 putts today over 9 holes with my Z3c; including 4 one-putts in a row. Such a solid putter. Rolled a 52-footer to tap-in range.  

Brian S.

Jim, I just wanted to reach out personally and thank you for the incredible customer service. While my putter was not one of your top of the line putters, it was the one that I wanted from day one. I placed my order on Saturday and received tracking information Monday with an expected delivery of… Read more »