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Sorry, it’s a bit long (my mother was a lit teacher):
Had the brilliant opportunity to visit the SeeMore world HQ in Franklin, as it’s only a little over 2 hours from home. A little background: I played a bit 15 years ago, but was never anything spectacular. I’m returning to the game, and just bought a set of Callaway Solaires, which came with an Odyssey off set mallet putter with a 33″ length that was just all kinds of wrong to me. (I’m sure it’s a perfectly good putter – just not for me.) I happened to see a Rosemark grip in the local store, which led me to SeeMore, but when I went to order a center mount blade, the order form asked all kinds of important questions about lie and loft and things that I didn’t know how to answer, and I didn’t want to spend $200+ on a putter without knowing all those things, so I made an appointment with Cody for this past Wednesday.

I admit to a ton of nerves, I was super nervous walking in. It takes a bit of courage to be the girl walking into a male dominated sport (luckily I worked in the motorcycle industry for 7 years, so this was much easier), but it also was a case of worrying about wasting this company’s time with my (re)beginning ways. I can’t hit very far, but remember having a pretty decent short game, so bringing my lack of knowledge to one of the top putter companies in the country? I was a bit intimidated. I probably even looked terrified – I’ll have to find out…

But Cody and the guys at SeeMore were nothing but kind to me. Cody was so patient, took a look at my wonky putter, and listened to what I tried to tell him without knowing how to use club fitting golf lingo. He asked me about things like feel and weights and I was lost, but he tried different approaches, and I putted and kept putting everything he put in my hands until eventually we came to the answer. It was really cool to watch him work too – I need to watch him fit someone else, when I wasn’t so nervous, as I love gadgets and he had some cool ones. It was as much a coaching session as a club fitting, and Cody coached me into finding the putting stroke for me. With the RST on the putter and Cody’s coaching, in moments I was getting much more consistent results – I mean really, truly repeatable and consistent putts with the right tempo and speed, and in just a matter of minutes. Even the dispersion patterns tightened. It happened without me even noticing – all of a sudden, boom there it was!

Everything was my choice except the club head weight. That was the only thing that he insisted on – the heavier club head is what he’s building for me, because the club shaft was so short, and in general, when the shaft is shortened so much, you add weight to balance. So I’m getting the 360, not the 350, gram club head (I think, though it still feels lighter. Maybe that’s a good thing?). I think he was surprised by my choice of the largest Rosemark grip, given my smallish stature, but it honestly helped me not grip the putter like the Incredible Hulk with my right hand.

The most impressive thing about this experience (besides that Cody went beyond our alloted hour to make sure he had it just right for me because he’s awesome like that)? The most impressive thing was that, despite my lack of knowledge, he was able to fit a putter to a n00b with such consistent results. I will have so much confidence with this putter! And I have so much confidence in SeeMore as a company. Putting is gonna be FUN!

So I ordered a black FGP Original blade, your basic milled version, 2.5* loft and 70* lie (which I now understand), and a 30.5″ shaft – no wonder that Odyssey off set mallet putter with a 33″ length was all kinds of wrong! New putter should arrive either Monday or Tuesday, and I can’t wait! I played 9 today with my wonky putter, and while my putting stroke and tempo were consistent (thank you again, Cody!), I sorely missed the RST and the Rosemark grip. I can’t wait for it to arrive! I’ll be running down to the “putting green” that night – as long as the rangers don’t catch me on the golf course after hours 

If you have the opportunity to head to Franklin and experience a putter fitting with SeeMore, I highly suggest it! Cody couldn’t be cooler, and I know I can just pick up the phone and get help with anything putter related, even my (re)beginner game. I learned SO much that I can’t express how impressed I am with the experience, with Cody, and with SeeMore as a corporation. I’m sure I’ll go back for another fitting in 3-4 years, but in the meantime the most important club in my bag is perfectly suited to me, and that’s a level of confidence that everyone needs.

And for the record, I did see the vaults. I wish I’d known to explore them a little more – next time I’m there, I’ll be a bit bolder!

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