General Questions

Why Buy a SeeMore Putter?

Buying a SeeMore Putter is an investment that will improve your putting and your golf game dramatically in the short term and the long term.

It is the most accurate putter and putting system on the market, all in one, because of the RifleScope Technology (RST) alignment system.

Great putting starts with great alignment. SeeMore has the best alignment system in golf.

How will a SeeMore putter improve my game?

SeeMore’s RST alignment system allows the golfer to eliminate variables and improve consistency and confidence, leading to more made putts.

The golfer will set up square to each and every putt, in the same way each time.

The loft will also be consistent on every putt, leading to better, more consistent roll.

What is RifleScope Technology (RST) and how is it used?

The patented RST, known by a visible gun sight on the top line, allows the golfer to set up the putter perfectly each and every time in relation to the intended target line.

Simply line up the black bottom portion of the shaft between two white lines and hide the signature red dot on the heel of the top line. That is RifleScope technology.

On some newer models, the RST Hosel series, the hosel itself will hide the red dot.

The two parallel white sight lines frame the bottom of the shaft, or RST Hosel, and serve as an indicator that the golfer is in perfect position to make a consistent and reliable stroke.

It’s that simple. Once the red dot is hidden, you’ll know your putter is square and that you are aligned correctly, that the loft is also correct, and that you can focus on pulling the trigger and making more putts.

Learn more about our patented RST by clicking the link below:

Does SeeMore have one major technology story that is shared across all models, which makes every SeeMore putter different and better than any other brand or model of putter?

Yes! SeeMore’s patented and proven RifleScope Technology (RST) alignment system helps the golfer gain a consistent set up for every putt with a square putter face and the optimal loft, leading to improved alignment and more putts that find the sweet spot of the putter face.

This results in deadly accuracy, improved feel, distance control, and greater confidence.

All SeeMore putters incorporate SeeMore’s RifleScope Technology.

Where can I find the best information about SeeMore and how SeeMore can help my game?

There are many great ways to learn more about SeeMore! Of course there are many answers here in our FAQ section.

How to Use a SeeMore Watch Videos

Check out testimonials from golfers and the media on the product technology and performance, quality, and customer service. Reviews & Testimonials

Explore where to find the best places to find a certified fitter and/or instructor Store Locator

The SeeMore Tour Blog is a great way to get a feel for the storied history and impact of the SeeMore brand. Tour Blog

Following SeeMore on these social media links will keep you up on all of the latest and greatest SeeMore news at all times. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn

Can I try a SeeMore Putter before I buy it?

Please visit one of our partners locations for the opportunity to try a SeeMore model before you make a purchase. For the location nearest you, please click here:

Is it true that SeeMore Putters could also be considered as training aids?

Yes! Many top instructors and tour players consider SeeMore to be one of the greatest training and teaching aids on the market, because of all of the benefits of RifleScope Technology.

For years, tour players under contract and paid to use a putter from the sponsor brand have used SeeMore putters to train with because they believe that RST is a great way to calibrate their alignment, setup, posture, and stroke.

The difference between SeeMore and every other training aid on the market is that a SeeMore putter can actually be used on the golf course, fully USGA conforming.

Are all SeeMore Putters center shafted?

SeeMore was originally best known for its collection of straight center shaft and near center shaft putters, and remains the market leader in this category, but SeeMore has expanded its range dramatically and now offers a wide variety of different styles to suit each individual player’s needs. Visit for our full range of putter options.

Which SeeMore models have the highest MOI or the most forgiveness?

The Mini Giant Series offers the highest MOI (Moment of Inertia) of all SeeMore putters. The Mini Giant FGP, and Mini Giant Deep Flange, are incredibly stable and forgiving, to where many golfers comment that it feels that the putter is swinging itself.

The Mini Giants have been played and won on the PGA Tour, and represent a true breakthrough in putter design.

What is the difference between the Classic Series of Putters and the 100% Milled Series?

SeeMore’s Classic Series is the opening level series of SeeMore Putters, featuring all of the basics that make SeeMore Putters the most unique and accurate alignment technology in putting. They are “investment cast” heads, feature milled faces, milled RST hosels, and are tour-level quality all the way through. No golfer would ever be disappointed with the quality or performance of a Classic Series putter at any level. Classic Series putters have won Major Championships!

SeeMore’s 100% Milled Series takes putter design and craftsmanship to a new level. They blend precision, craftsmanship, quality of materials, finish, feel, and total performance for the golfer who loves the perfection that comes from a 100% milled putter. The series includes a proprietary black diamond stainless steel finish, a beautiful Platinum Silver finish, as well as other limited, special run putter designs and finishes. 100% USA Precision milled of the finest grade 303 stainless steel for the best in feel, balance, roll, consistency and confidence.

How/where can I be fitted for a SeeMore Putter?

Please follow this link to our locator page – you can input your zip code or city and find locations nearest to you – from stores to independent Certified SPi fitters. Click "More Information' below to proceed.

Does SeeMore offer on site tours or fittings?

SeeMore welcomes golfers who may be driving through the Nashville area to reach out to arrange for a quick tour. Many of our customers are looking for more data or feedback in their fitting, so we also offer on a limited appointment only basis a tour level fitting led by our Tour Fitting Director. Here we will put you on a number of putting technologies such as SAM Putt Lab or Capto Putting System, along with other putting tools we have here in our Fitting Studio. There is a studio fitting charge for these visits.

How much does a SeeMore Studio Fitting cost and how long does it last?

A typical fitting session runs about 60 minutes and costs $125. Please send us a note through email or call our main office line to set up an appointment, as these studio sessions are limited. They offer a true tour level fitting using technology, a world class fitting system, and a tour trained fitter with a personal touch that will make this a bucket list experience.

Who can I contact to set up an appointment for a fitting?

Please reach out to to inquire about a fitting and set up an appointment. The fittings take place at SeeMore’s headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, less than 30 minutes south of Nashville just off of Interstate 65.

Where is the SeeMore Putter Company located, and where are the putters built?

SeeMore builds its putters and houses its putting studio and sales and service support team at its World Headquarters, in Franklin, TN, which is about 15 miles south of Nashville.

How To Pick A Putter

Do you have an online fitting guide?

Yes, click "More Information" to access.

Does SeeMore make putters for women and juniors as well as men?

Yes! The putting green is the great equalizer, and in terms of putting, all golfers use the same head and shaft, so they receive the same benefits of SeeMore’s RifleScope Technology (RST).

Since SeeMore is able to custom build any putter to any specification in terms of length and weight and lie angle, all golfers can be fit for a SeeMore putter.

If any golfer wishes to have a certain cosmetic look for their custom built putter, just contact SeeMore and we will find a special way for them to make the statement that they are looking for!

What customization options are available?

SeeMore is constantly looking for new ways to help you make your putter as custom as you want it. Please reach out to us at and we will go over all the options. Custom upgrade options for the tour, which are now available on a personalized basis for all golfers, include a matte black finish on the Platinum Series putters, as well as a few face mill and alignment line options. SeeMore also offers custom stamping, custom paint fill, and custom RST lines. Just reach out and ask!

How do I determine the correct lie angle and loft of my putter?

The standard lie angle is 70 degrees, and in general will allow the golfer to set the putter down where the sole is flush to the ground when the stance is in a preferred comfortable position in terms of bend and distance from the ball and hand position. In this position there would be a straight line down the golfer’s forearms and down the putter shaft.

If the golfer’s hands are dropped to where there is no longer a straight line down the forearms and shaft, but rather the shaft line angles away from the line of the forearms, the toe of the putter may rise into the air slightly at address. In order to get the putter sole to be flush to the ground, the lie angle would need to be flattened from 70 to 68 or so.

If the golfer pushes the hands out to where the shaft line bends down toward the body vs the line of the arms, then the heel of the putter may be slightly into the air, and the putter may need to be bent from 70 degrees to a more upright 72 degrees or so.

What is standard loft and lie angle?

A standard SeeMore Putter will have a Lie angle of 70 degrees and a Loft angle of 2.5 degrees (this is based on 90 degrees vertical and horizontal from playing position).

How do I measure putter length?

With the putter sitting on the center point of the sole (at address), run a ruler from the ground just behind the putter head, along the back of the shaft up to the top of the grip.

What is Swing Weighting?

The proper putter swing weight is all about the balance of the club, and how that feels to you the golfer. It is an approximation of how head-heavy your putter feels during your stroke - heavy, light, or in between (how much weight you feel towards the head vs towards the grip end). It is impacted by the length of the club, the weight of the head, and the weight of the grip, as well as any added weight in the head or grip end of the putter. There is no right swing weight, as every golfer has different preferences. The overall weight of the putter is also something that golfers have preferences toward, and every golfer is different.

What is SeeMore’s philosophy regarding the various benefits of Face Balanced vs Toe Hang? And what does SeeMore mean by Face Balanced at Impact?

SeeMore offers putters with a wide variety of different toe hangs, from full toe hang to face balanced, for golfers, teachers, and fitters who prefer a wide range of different looks, set ups, and stroke dynamics.

SeeMore classifies putters into 4 categories:

1. First, is the standard measure of the putter being face balanced when balanced on your finger: does the face point directly up, or does the toe hang? If you look at any of the SeeMore lineups of putters at and click on the “product specifications chart," at the end is a box called toe hang. If the toe hang is zero, the industry and SeeMore would call that face balanced in the traditional sense. And there are a variety of putters in this category that offer the great benefits of RifleScope Technology.

2. Second is a measure that SeeMore believes is uniquely relevant to great long-term putting performance for many golfers: face balanced at impact. This measure means that the putter dynamics are balanced so that during the stroke, the putter face with minimal resistance would swing on a perfect tour like putting path, on the slight natural arc stroke that 95% of all tour players use. The putter is always square to the natural path of the stroke. There are videos on the site that explain in detail the concept of face balanced at impact.

3. Third is that there are several putters, for example the Pure Center Blade in the Classic Series, and the similar design ONE SS in the all milled series, that fit into both of the above categories. These putters are face balanced in the traditional sense, and face balanced at impact (balanced to the plane).

4. Fourth would be the putters that are not face balanced or face balanced at impact but offer a variety of toe hang options with our patented and proven RifleScope Technology alignment system to suit whatever needs you may have. The RifleScope Technology alignment system will make any putter design better.

Ordering A Putter

For online ordering, do I need an account to place an order?

If you are placing an order online, the info you provide will be used to make an account for you. From that moment on, you will always have an account with SeeMore, which makes ordering in the future, no matter how, much easier. If you are calling in your order, and you have not ordered from us before, we will need to get all the necessary info from you to create your account. After doing this any other orders you place will be much easier, unless you have had some change to your main info.

What are SeeMore’s payment options for any direct purchases?

SeeMore has a few different payment options depending on how you are purchasing. If you purchase through our website, you will have the option to pay by Credit Card or through a PayPal link. If you order over the phone, you can pay by Credit Card or we can email you a separate PayPal link to be paid for online (Note: if you choose the PayPal link, we will not ship your order until that link has been completed and paid). Finally, if you come into our headquarters for a fitting, you will have the option of paying by Credit Card via a Paypal app or with cash.

How long will my order take to ship?

For most orders, except for ones with added aesthetic customization (painting, stamping, engraving), we will typically ship out within 48-72 hours from the order placed. We usually allow 24-48 extra hours for those other putters with special customization.

Can I expedite my putter order?

We do offer 'Expedited' shipping. Cost is $45. We ship within 48 business hours. You will have the option when you check out.

What is SeeMore’s exchange/return/refund policy?

SeeMore’s goal is to provide the highest level of customer service and customer satisfaction at all times. SeeMore honors a 14 day return or exchange policy no questions asked. Please send a note to to receive information regarding a return.

How do I request a return?

Call or email SeeMore to get a return authorization number. You can reach SeeMore at 615-435-8015 or All the return instructions will then be sent to you via email. Return shipping address will be included in the email instructions. Refunds will be processed within 48 business hours of receipt.


How do I repair my SeeMore Putter?

If you are having any issue with your SeeMore Putter, please reach out to us and we can come up with the best plan for whatever issue you are having. Some issues could be covered under a warranty while others will have a cost associated with them, it all just depends on the situation. Please reach out via email first and please include your phone number, a brief explanation, some photos of the issue, and when and where you purchased it. We will then reach out to you via phone and go over your options with you.

We ask you to understand that while some issues may only take 48-72 hours to turn around, there are some circumstances where the process may take longer – we ask that you expect 10 business days for turnaround time for most repairs. The turnaround time for your specific instance will be covered in the discussion we have with you over the phone, so you will know prior to sending it to us how long it will actually take. The repair pricing, if applicable and not under our generous warranty, will also be discussed with you over the phone once you have sent in your initial email inquiry. Email us at

How do I set up a repair request?

Call or email SeeMore to get a return authorization number. You can reach SeeMore at 615-435-8015 or All the return instructions will then be sent to you via email. Return shipping address, cost and estimated repair time will be included in the email instructions. Standard Re-Shaft or Re-grip repairs take roughly 10 business days.

Do you refurbish putter heads?

SeeMore is launching a “soft launch” for several custom refurbish options, or we may direct you to 3rd party companies that we have worked with before. Please reach out to us at and we will go over all the options.

Can you alter the specifications (length, weight, loft, lie, etc.) of my putter after purchase?

By adding an internal hosel (added head weight of 5, 10, or 20 grams) to a SeeMore Putter at the time of order, it enables us to make adjustments to the loft/lie specs at any time.

Adding/ removing length and weight at a later time will require us to rebuild the putter, and will come with a repair cost associated with it, as well as the shipping cost back to us.

How do I determine my specifications – Length, Lie, Loft?

There are a variety of ways to do this. You can send a note to, and we can direct you to visit a certified fitting or retail location near you. You can call us at (615) 435-8015 and one of our team members can help guide you through a quick over the phone fitting. Or, you may visit the link below to fit yourself online:

How can I add weight to my putter?

SeeMore offers several options when it comes to adding weight to your putter:

Head Weight – SeeMore offers several options for adding head weight through internal hosels. Standard head shapes (everything except hosel series and Mini Giant series) have the option of adding a 5g, 10g, 20g internal hosel. The Giant series has 2 internal hosel options – 10g and 30g. (Note: SB20 putters do have the option to buy an aftermarket weight kit – for adjusting head weighting).

Grip Weight – SeeMore also offers some options for adding weight in the grip end for counterbalancing and swing weighting. Our 2 weight plug options are 30g and 50g, which will be placed inside the shaft and under the grip so it is not seen and will not move.