Seemore MX5 CS Long Putter Review –

I am a long time “long putter” user. I passed my PGA PAT in 2004 with one and have used them on and off since the late 1990’s. My favorite model all time is the Ping B90i. It’s a great putter with decent weight, but its shortcoming is the lack of alignment aides and it’s hard to tell if the head is really square to your line. I have played the Kombi, 2Ball and Rife models in a long putter and everything that Ping has made. When I am not using a long a putter I prefer a SeeMore as the alignment system is hard to beat.Seemore’s long putter offerings in the past were nice but did not excite me that much. However, upon seeing the new M5X CS, I was really excited. — read the full article

Featured in this Article: Broom  – Black Gunmetal m5x CS

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