Missing SeeMore Original FGP


Good afternoon,

A few days ago, I purchased a Seemore Original FGP putter from Golf Galaxy in Littleton, CO.  Today, and without my knowledge or permission, this putter was mysteriously relocated from my golf bag and into my wife’s golf bag.  This occurred shortly after my wife used this putter for the first time during a practice session.  Reading the reviews on FGP putter, the above is a common occurrence.  Perhaps SeeMore could include a warning label on the putter to instruct husbands to check the wife’s golf bag if his putter goes missing.

This true story is a testament to the the quality and innovation of your putters.  I just ordered a new Original FGP to replace the relocated putter.  I have only one loving and caring wife, so this replacement putter should be safe. 

Regard, and have a wonderful day,
Malcolm H.

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