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I posted a couple times about the SeeMore putter I just bought, so since it arrived today, I wanted to make sure to share this great story of customer service!

A couple months back, SeeMore posted on Instagram something to the effect that they were there to help folks with their putting. I responded with, “I need help,” and got a response to call a phone number. Turns out it was the number to the CEO, Jim Grundberg! Seriously….

He and I talked for awhile about what my issues were, what putter I was playing, any fitting stories, where I played, and what my ultimate goal was. We then visited a bit about my experience with SeeMore in the past, and some of what is new at the company. Following the call, he emailed me and copied their Director of Tour Operations, Cody Hale, and asked Cody, in the email, to reach-out to me to be of service. So, at this point I’ve talked to the CEO, and I’m being put in-touch with their Tour guy. What?! No way!!!

Cody emailed me and let me know he’d be busy for a bit with the Tour, but that we could get on a phone call. Once we connected, we agreed that I would get Cody some video so he could look at my swing, and then we’d go from there. It took me a few weeks to get him the video, but it didn’t matter! He got right back in-touch with me. We went back over my misses (left, and short), and how we could look to try a couple things to see if it helped. We even went over SAM results from Club Champion I still had as well so that he had the most data possible to work with.

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  1. John N

    I’m hesitant to leave a post, but I’m angry. I bought a mallet putter about nine months ago at Golf Galaxy. Saturday, on the 10th hole of a tournament I was playing in the putter broke. The head just fell off the shaft. And no, I don’t get angry and throw my putter or slam it down. But I get it. Stuff happens.

    Take it to Golf Galaxy to see about repairing it and they contact Seemore, who agrees to repair it, but won’t pay the shipping cost, which is minimal (estimated at $15). I’ll pay it. No problem. But I will never buy a Seemore product again and I will tell all my friends about this disaster.

    Oh, and by the way, Seemore says it will take 3-4 weeks for the repair. This is horrible customer service, IMO.


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