PUTTER REVIEW – SeeMore Private Reserve Smoke Diamond m2c
(Written by Golfspy Dave) That’s definitely one of those lingering lines of rom-com dialog. It’s right up there with “You had me at hello.” While both films are not necessarily cinematic gems, there are certain aspects that stick with you well after you are finished watching them. I know that I sometimes draw connections between things that are seemingly unrelated (blame my tangential data processing), but this time there really is a method to the madness. You see, as soon as I started rolling today’s putter, SeeMore’s Private Reserve Smoke Diamond m2c, my first thought was “you make me want to be a better putter.” — read the full article
Featured in this Article: Private Reserve Smoke Diamond m2c
SeeMore Si Series Putter – REVIEW
Let me start by saying this company was amazing to work with. They contacted me extremely quick to get the proper length and lie of the putter along with which model i would like to test. If this is a how their customer services is then they are one of the best because they got everything correct and they shipped the putter extremely fast, it is a great company to order from. Now on to the Review. — read the full article
Featured in this Article: Si3 Mallet – Nickel Finish
How It’s Made! – {SeeMore Putters}
Here is an insider’s look at behind the scene footage of what goes into to making the SeeMore Putter line. These are 100% milled in the USA…the milling is done in CA nd the finish work being done in TN. The guys over at SeeMore are a class act in the putter industry…if you want to learn more about the SeeMore guys, the story or just want more info on their putters go check them out at — read the full article

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