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Insider Interview: SeeMore Putter Institute by @PutterZone
Ted Gallina has been with the SeeMore Putter Company ever since its rebirth under new ownership in 2007. Prior to joining SeeMore, he was the head golf professional at Vanderbilt Legends Club in Franklin, Tennessee, for more than 10 years. He was named by his peers and the PGA of America as the PGA National Merchandiser of the Year for his contributions at the Vanderbilt Legends Club. “I guess you could say that was my 15 minutes of fame!” he says. As the SeeMore’s director of instruction, he heads up the SeeMore Putter Institute (a.k.a. SPi), a national network of putting instructors dedicated to helping golfers raise their game. We caught up with Ted to learn more about SPi, and how it is making a difference for golfers across the United States. Following is our exclusive interview: — read the full article
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SeeMore m7 Putter Review
When Zach Johnson won the Colonial Invitational a few weeks ago, he yet again turned the spotlight on the SeeMore Putter Company and its RifleScope alignment system. — read the full article
Featured in this Article: m7 SS – Platinum Finish
Quick Hit: SeeMore SB1 Silverback Putter
With its SB1 Silverback mallet putter, SeeMore bucks the ultra-high MOI trend in favor of a more center-weighted design. This design enables the putter to more easily swing on a natural arc, which fits right in with SeeMore’s signature RifleScope alignment system. An optional weight kit allows the golfer to fine tune the head weight to his or her personal preference — read the full article
Featured in this Article: SB1 – Black – Center
SeeMore FGP Stainless is Here
A new incarnation of the putter that has racked up two Major victories is now available with the release of the FGP stainless steel blade by SeeMore Putter Company.
The original brass SeeMore FGP blade is most known for its starring performances at the 1999 U.S. Open and the 2007 Masters, when Payne Stewart and Zach Johnson, respectively, wielded it on the path to victory.
Now comes a new stainless steel version of the FGP at a sweet price of $185 in a nickel satin or nickel black finish. A companion FGP2 mallet is also part of the new series. — read the full article
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GOLD AWARDS – SeeMore SB1 – 2009 Power Picks
SeeMore hits another home run with its new Silverback mallet. Milled in the U.S.A. from 6061 aerospace aluminum, the Silverback features three weight ports along the upper spine. A weight kit includes three seven-gram weight cylinders that mate with the ports, enabling the golfer to choose from among four different head weights. The center-weighted design fosters remarkable accuracy for both arcing strokes and straight-back-and-through strokes. — read the full article
Featured in this Article: SB1 – Black – Center
SeeMore SB1 Silverback Putter Review
The SeeMore Putter Company is rolling into 2009 with its new SB1 mallet, the company’s first putter to offer adjustable weighting technology.
The SB1, a.k.a. Silverback, is the latest chapter in SeeMore’s remarkable return to the elite putter ranks under new ownership over the past two years.
Does the SB1 fit the SeeMore script? Following is PutterZone.com’s Seemore SB1 Silverback ($225) putter review. — read the full article
Featured in this Article: SB1 – Black – Center
SeeMore mFGP Putter Review
The putter that helped Zach Johnson win the Masters last year is going back to the future.
Indeed, the classic SeeMore FGP putter used by Johnson has been refashioned into the mFGP putter ($325), a high-end milled version of the original. — read the full article
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Insider Interview: SeeMore’s Jim Grundberg
With the Masters just around the corner, now is the perfect time to catch up with the putter company that helped fit Zach Johnson with the green jacket in 2007. This time last year, the SeeMore Putter Company had only recently re-launched itself under the new ownership team of Jim Grundberg and Jason Pouliot (both pictured here, with Jim at right). — read the full article
In Review: SeeMore m1 Putter
The story of the SeeMore putter is similar to that of the American bald eagle—a magnificent creation once pushed to the brink of extinction, only to stage a stirring comeback. Indeed, the once-beleaguered SeeMore Putter Company is again flying high under new ownership, with a victory at the 2007 Masters adding wind beneath its wings. — read the full article
Featured in this Article: m1 SS – Platinum Finish
Comeback Award: SeeMore Putter Company
The SeeMore Putter Company earns PutterZone.com’s Comeback Award for a putter company reasserting its relevance, and major tour recognition, in 2007. — read the full article

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