SKraly (GolfWRX Forum MBR)


Just bought a SeeMore Giant FGP for fun.  Once you get used to the large size it is quite an excellent putter.  Very stable of course.  But the feel is my favorite thing about it.  I do not usually like the feel of aluminum putters but this one is great.  Soft but with just enough click to make you know you have hit a solid putt.  I find many insert putters lack enough feel at impact for my tastes and aluminum putters that I have tried in the past have felt vague or dull at impact, if that makes sense.  The Giant is just right.  Also, for what ever reason, the SeeMore RST seems easier to line up with the Giant than with other SeeMores I have tried.  All kudos to SeeMore on this one.  I know many won’t like it because it is big.  Did I say it was big?  Very big.  But if you can deal with that you will be wielding an excellent putting instrument.

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