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SeeMore Giant FGP Review by

by Dan E.

It is one thing to have a giant release from a company, yet another thing entirely for that release to be, well, GIANT!  SeeMore has recently introduced their Giant FGP, an incredible take on the ever popular FGP putter and they are incorporating greater MOI, an easier to square face, and a larger sweet spot for golfers who may struggle with the perfect stroke.  Between the hype surrounding the release around the PGA Show and the interest from tour players, intrigue lead the way as this putter review began.

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SeeMore SPi Experience

This year SeeMore has partnered with Cobra Golf to provide 8 staffers a putter for the Ultimate Amateur Golf Event. Not only are those 8 staffers receiving SeeMore putters, but they are also going to have the opportunity to work hand in hand with a SPi instructor to not only get fit for the perfect putter, but also to learn how to improve your putting overall. Each staff member has received contact information for their personal SPi instructor. Over the next few weeks we will be setting up our fittings and heading to our specific locations for what should prove to be both an educational and fun process. SeeMore has welcomed us in to their family and wants everyone to be able to get the best putting performance they can.

In closing we want you to use your SPi instructor as much as possible when you have questions about the putting stroke or SeeMore putter. The more you use the putter, the more comfortable and consistent you will become with the putting stroke. This will lead to you having more confidence on the putting green and making more putts.
This will be a thread for everyone to talk about their experience and how their decision process was made. If you have already gone through a SPi fitting or lesson please feel free to add to the conversation. — read the full article

SeeMore mSeries Testing Review

THP & SeeMore Putters will be sending 8 forum members mSeries putters for long term review. This is the thread for them to discuss the process from beginning to end. The testers will be starting with a fitting with the SPi instructors over the phone and they will be discussing everything from the customer service all the way through the results that they find over an extended period of time.

Lets keep this thread clear until the guys start getting their clubs in and posting initial thoughts. Thanks. — read the full article

SeeMore Putters Review

Our putter forum sponsor – I know the review thread is still pinned, but to me there should just be a general thread for all that is the SeeMore and showing them off (SMG, JB, I’m looking at you guys! Hehehe). If I’m in the wrong with this one, feel free to merge them, I just figured it’d be better to have a stand-alone thread.

I’ve had I believe 11 different SeeMore putters at different times but why not start it off with the two I currently have in my posession?

1st, the ONE-CS: — read the full article

SeeMore Putter Forum Testing Thread

THP had a sign up and here are the 10 forum members that will be testing out the SeeMore Putters. This thread will be used as their spot to discuss their findings, write their detailed reviews and ask questions about their process.

Please keep this thread clean until the testers start making their posts about the process. They will be getting a full consultation from SeeMore Putters that involves aspects of fitting as well as putting assistance and will be here to document the entire process. — read the full article

SB-2 ReviewFinding the right putter can be a challenging and daunting task. Take equal parts personal feelings such as look, feel, and shape and then… — read the full articleFeatured in this Article: SB2 – Platinum – HeelSeeMore DB-4 Putter ReviewOver the last 12 months THP has learned a lot about SeeMore putters and why they have so many avid users. Back in May of this year they won our Huge Putter Shoot Out that featured more than 25 different putters from just about every manufacturer available. THP even got a history lesson and education of sorts from the SeeMore golf company in our week long segment we did entitled Putter Week. However during the entire year we had one complaint from readers that were used to a specific putter style and that was “When will we see an Anser version and how will it work?”. Well the folks at SeeMore Putters have answered your question with the soon to be released DB-4 featuring Rifle Scope Technology 2 (RST2) and a classic look that is sure to be on quite a few shopping lists. — read the full articleFeatured in this Article: DB4 SS – Platinum FinishSeeMore Putter Review – SB1Here at The Hackers Paradise offices we get requests each and every day for different equipment to be reviewed. One of the most requested companies has always been SeeMore Putters. SeeMore originally became recognized when Payne Stewart won the 1999 U.S. Open playing a SeeMore putter. Stewart one-putted the last three holes to win the championship by one stroke. He sunk what’s considered to be the longest putt in Open history on the 18th hole to win the tournament. — read the full articleFeatured in this Article: SB1 – Black – CenterSeeMore M8 Putter ReviewWhen the folks at SeeMore contacted The Hackers Paradise about reviewing one of their new putters we were eager to see what they had to send over to us. We had no idea what was coming, but as you can see from the unboxing pictures that we put up on the forum, we were a delighted with what arrived. The SeeMore Putter company is no stranger to the readers of The Hackers Paradise. — read the full articleFeatured in this Article: m8 SS – Platinum FinishAn Education of the SeeMore Putter CompanyReaders of The Hackers Paradise are no strangers to SeeMore putters. Over the last year we have reviewed a variety of their products and each one left us grinning and asking for more. Last year we had the opportunity to review the new SeeMore SB1 Mallet and came away with a new understanding of how a putter can help your game. Earlier this year we got a chance to have our testers try out the Stainless FGP & FGP2 and it became the 1st and only putter we have ever reviewed that got 100% approval from our testing panel. — read the full articleSeeMore mFGP & mFGP2 Putter ReviewThe Hackers Paradise has been reviewing SeeMore putters for almost a year now and one thing has always been the same with them.  The equipment testers really like the product that they put out each time. The first time our testers got their hands on one of the their putters was the SB1 and they thoroughly enjoyed learning to use what has become a huge success for many of our readers.  The next time we got a chance to cover one of their putters, they raised the bar even further with the testing of their FGP and FGP2 models. — read the full articleFeatured in this Article: mFGP SS – Platinum Finish (Out of Stock) mFGP2 SS – Platinum FinishSeeMore Putter ReviewThe Hackers Paradise  each and every month, one thing seems apparent. No piece of equipment is ever liked by every single golfer that tries it out. (more on this later) THP prides itself on the fact that we are one of the few places on the internet that gives the equipment we review a thorough testing by up to 30 people for each article we publish. — read the full articleFeatured in this Article: FGP2 USA Tour Special – Black FGP USA Tour Special – Nickel

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