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SeeMore Si3 Putter
Last year, Adam reviewed the SeeMore M9 putter so I had a bit of familiarity with the brand, but until I visited the website I had no idea about the number of styles and customization options that were available. SeeMore offers everything from broomstick to conventional heel-toe weighted putters with a multitude of additional options. However, the one consistent feature in all of the SeeMore putters is the inclusion of the RST or Rifle Scope Technology.

What is RST? It’s so simple and effective. Basically, if you line up over the putter and can see the two white alignment lines but cannot see the red dot, the club face is square and you ready to roll the putt. — read the full article

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Seemore m9 Putter
SeeMore m9 Putter Review: If the only thing you knew about golf came from watching commercials, you would surely be convinced that the driver is by far the most important club in the bag. While the big stick may be the club that we use to hit the ball the farthest, the reality is that the driver accounts for less than half as many strokes as the putter does.

Why, then, do we gladly shell out $300 for a new driver every year or two but are content with a putter we found at Play it Again Sports? Because most mid-handicappers (me included) are morons, which is why we don’t use alignment sticks, barely maintain a pre-shot routine, and ignore the multitude of good advice we read every month in golf magazines.

One of the very few cool things about writing a blog (and I mean very few) is that you get to test out golf equipment. This spring I was given a SeeMore putter to use and I must say it has been very eye opening on a number of fronts (no need to thank me for omitting the obvious pun). — read the full article

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