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Nashville mFGP SS Blade Black (P1125S)

Product Review (submitted on August 29, 2018):

I have never been more impressed with customer service from a company that literally owed me nothing. I bought a set of used DV8 clubs, and they included a SeeMore putter head. The DV8 shafts broke after a few rounds and I shelved the bag. This year I have been working hard at improving my game (I've dropped 7 strokes in handicap). As a (now) mid handicapper my short game has always been lacking. I bought a new putter, changed grips, tried a TON of different options. Nothing felt right.

I reach out to SeeMore, about the putter head that I have sitting gathering dust, wondering if it will help me play better. I reach out on Facebook, and receive a response faster than I expect from even the best of my friends. At this point I have approached three different local golf shops (shop local!!!!) and none of them were willing to reshaft this clubhead. SeeMore not only says that they will, but does it on the CHEAP.

The process is easy, mail to the address they sent to me, and using PayPal cover the nominal fee they ask for to have my club reshafted. To be honest I was impressed from the get-go with their communication, but when I sent my club I did not expect anything special in return. I did not send the club in with a head cover, they added one for no cost to me, and for no reason at all (other than being awesome). The shaft was cut to my preference and they put a grip similar to what I was using on my other putter for no charge.

I'm a veteran of the 82d Airborne, of the U.S. Army, and I can not express how incredible the professionalism and care that I experienced from SeeMore. From this day forward I will never hit a flat stick that doesn't carry their name on it

I don't know if you want to publish anything about it, but I do understand that with me being a veteran, often times people really feel a complement bears more weight. I really mean all that I've said above, and wanted to offer to you a statement that you can use in whatever way you'd like. Honestly if there is anything that I can do to promote your brand I am fully willing to do.

Thank you.
Joe D.

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