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Platinum Broomstick SB-1 Mallet (Item # P2100S)

Product Review (submitted on November 8, 2018):

I had been toying with face-on/side-saddle putting for over a year, owing to a case of focal dystonia ('yips') I had putting the traditional way - particularity on high-anxiety/pressure putts under 6 foot.
I decided to make the switch to side-saddle putting for putts inside 10 feet and started looking at the limited number of putters on the market with a 79 degree lie. I was delighted to discover SeeMore manufactured one and ordered the SB-1 bespoke at 40" (I'm 5'11")
I'm extremely satisfied with the putter - the craftsmanship is outstanding, the balance perfect and it has a large buttery sweet-spot. It sits so comfortably and target alignment is incredibly easy. Having effectively 're-wired' my brain, I'm rolling in so many more putts with my SB-1 - it's been a total game changer (not to mention how much more I enjoy my time on the greens now)! Playing off 7, I have a genuine chance of getting to low single figures now.
I would recommend this putter without a moment's hesitation.

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